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Welcome to the website for O.G. Landshark Schutzhund, Polizeihund, und Rettungshunde!

As a club we offer years of success and knowledge in areas such as Schutzhund, Personal Protection, Police K9, and Search and Rescue. We are primarily a Schutzhund club but crosstrain several areas. As a person shows more commitment and devotion to training and the club in general they will be offered more and more in return from the club.

Are you interested in possibly becoming a member? We're always looking for serious, dedicated people who want to train their dogs! Our club trains several days a week and is located on the northwest side of Indianapolis, Indiana. We have a private training field with 50 acres of tracking grounds adjoining us and multiple structures to use as well. For more information, feel free to contact our Training Director, Nate Harves, at k9grimmdog@yahoo.com if you'd like to discuss a visit and ask to join. Our club dues are $500 a year for a family and includes one training day a week and one seminar a year. Visits to the club are $25 a family. We offer a fun environment to relax and enjoy training your dog.

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O.G. Landshark is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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Nate Harves, Training Director